Meet The Team

Who Are We?

Bluewave Internet is a company based in Carmarthen that serves South Wales with High Speed Wireless Broadband. As a company, we know only too well the frustration of the current telephone and internet situation in rural Wales. Traditional wired connections at present are not capable of supplying high speed internet to many areas of rural Wales, and in some cases, even the larger towns.

Bluewave Internet can offer an alternative to the traditional phone line-dependent broadband by installing a small transmitter in the local area, and broadcast a wireless signal much like a mobile phone network. A small receiver is placed externally on your property giving you broadband speeds of up 30Mbps. This new wireless signal is specifically designed to bring high speed connectivity to places that would otherwise struggle with sub-standard wired connections.

Glyndwr Phillips
Director & Business Manager
Sophie Wyeth
Office Manager
Lee Evans
Sales Manager
Kevin Beard
Network Engineer