How does it work?
We are an ISP (Internet Service Provider) based in Carmarthenshire, in South West Wales specialising in Rural Wireless Broadband. We don’t use your traditional wired phone line, we use wireless technology linking equipment at your premises to our masts to provide unrestricted super-fast broadband. With this super-fast broadband connection, you can connect your computer, mobile phone, games console or tablet and the worlds your oyster. Watch a movie, stream tv shows and music or get connected to your friends on social networks.
Do I need a landline and what other equipment do I need to receive this superfast broadband?
No landline is required; we install an antenna to the exterior of your property and run a cable to where you would like your router positioned.
What are the installation costs?
Installation costs vary. The majority are funded through the Welsh Assembly Government broadband scheme.
What are the on-going costs?
Our unlimited broadband is £29.99 per month, you can also add a phone package at an additional charge, see phone packages
What does download and upload speeds mean?
Your broadband speed is the rate at which information flows between your computer and the web. Information flows in two directions; from the internet to your computer (downloads) and from your computer to the internet (uploads). These flows are measured in megabits. Download Speeds – tell you how fast information (like a web page, a music track or a YouTube clip) flows from the web to your computer. The faster the download speed, the faster your information arrives. Upload Speeds – Every time you email, share snaps on Facebook or even tweet, you’re uploading information from your computer to the internet.
What types of speed can I expect?
Depending on the exact location of your property, we can provide speeds ranging from 10Mbps to up to 40Mbps.
Am I restricted to the amount of data can I download?
There are no limits now that we have a single unlimited package
Will I be able to watch internet TV and download Films?
The connection is definitely fast enough for you to download and stream video content without any disruption during your viewing.
What is the minimum contract period?
Welsh Assembly Government grants are 12 month contracts. We offer long-term and short-term contracts.