VoIP Phone

A VoIP phone is a telephone designed to use your internet connection instead of your normal landline. It converts standard telephone signals into digital data which can be transmitted over your internet connection. Switching to VoIP means you no longer need a landline, saving you the cost of your normal line rental.

These phones work just the same as your landline:

  • You can keep the same number
  • You can make calls the same way
  • And you are contracted in the same way

They even come with a few benefits:

  • Cheaper subscription, starting from only £8.99 per month (no landline rental is required)
  • Your internet and phone are billed from one supplier
  • Much cheaper call rates
  • Voicemails can be emailed to you anywhere in the world
  • And there are many more benefits for multiple phone line businesses

Get in touch today, and your new VoIP phone could be installed within a few hours!

All we need is a list of your requirements and you can do this by emailing or contacting the office on 01267 610061


Example image of a VoIP phone

Talk Packages

VoIPJust TalkOff PeakAnytime Talk
Line Rental £8.99 £11.99 £14.99
Landline Off Peak1p0p0p
Mobile Off Peak12p12p12p
Landline Peak2p2p0p
Mobile Peak12p12p12p
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